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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Oklahoma? A Comprehensive Guide

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Dissolving a marriage is an emotionally charged experience. It’s only natural that financial concerns often arise during this difficult time.

At Yarborough Law Group, our experienced divorce attorneys in Oklahoma understand the importance of financial clarity throughout the divorce process. We’ve provided a comprehensive overview of the potential costs associated with filing for divorce in the state to empower you to plan and make important decisions.

What Is the Cost of Divorce in Oklahoma?

The cost of a divorce in Oklahoma can vary considerably depending on several factors. The biggest influence is whether your divorce is contested or uncontested.

Generally, contested divorces in Oklahoma land in the $7,500 – $15,000 range, while uncontested divorces are significantly less expensive, typically costing between $1,500 and $3,000. Among the associated expenses is the filing fee, which ranges from $150 to $300 and is paid to the court to initiate the divorce process.

Note that these are just averages. The total cost of your divorce may differ due to various other potential expenses that arise throughout the case.

What Is Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce occurs when the spouses cannot agree on one or more major issues related to the divorce settlement. This could include disagreements over child custody arrangements, child support payments, spousal support (alimony), or the division of marital property.

Contested divorces often require more legal proceedings, hearings, and, in some cases, expert witnesses to address disputed issues. That translates to higher attorney fees and a longer process, increasing the overall cost.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

When both spouses reach an amicable agreement on all aspects of the divorce settlement, the divorce is said to be uncontested. Such separations are generally faster and less expensive because they require minimal court intervention. While attorney involvement is still necessary to ensure that all legal requirements are met and paperwork is completed accurately, the total cost is often much lower than contested divorces.

What Are the Divorce-Related Costs in Oklahoma?

cost of divorce in oklahoma

You’ll incur various expenses during the divorce process. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common costs.

Filing Fees

When filing for divorce, there’s usually a fee for initiating the legal proceedings. This fee may be anywhere from $150 to $300 and must be paid directly to the court overseeing your case.

Attorney Fees

Your attorney’s fees will be based on their experience level, the complexity of your case, and your geographic location. In Oklahoma, attorney fees for divorce can range from $200 to $400 per hour. The total cost will depend on the amount of time your attorney spends working on your case.

Court Reporter Services

If your case requires a court hearing, a court reporter will likely be present to transcribe the proceedings. Their services come with a separate fee.

Court Transcripts

You may need copies of the court transcripts for future reference. These transcripts are typically priced per page.

Process Server Fees

A process server is responsible for delivering legal documents, such as the divorce petition, to your spouse. Their fees can be fluid depending on the difficulty of serving the documents (e.g. if your spouse is hard to locate).

Mandatory Co-Parenting Course

Oklahoma law 43 O.S. 107.2 requires divorcing couples with minor children to complete a co-parenting course offered by qualified professionals. There are typically fees associated with these courses.

Parenting Courses

In some cases, the court may order additional parenting courses to address specific concerns related to child-rearing after divorce, such as dealing with emotional issues or handling sibling rivalries.


Mediation is a collaborative process where a neutral third party helps divorcing couples reach agreements on various issues. While it can be a cost-effective alternative to litigation, you’ll nonetheless have to pay for the mediator's time and services.

Parenting Coordinators

If the divorcing spouses of minor children have difficulty communicating or developing a parenting plan, the court may appoint a parenting coordinator to facilitate communication and co-parenting duties. There will be additional fees for their services.

Guardian Ad Litem

In cases involving minor children, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child's interests throughout the divorce proceedings. Guardian ad litem is an official duty that presents further legal costs.

Custody Evaluations

The court may order a qualified professional to conduct a custody evaluation meant to assess the best living arrangements for your children. This typically involves interviews with parents and children, home visits, and psychological testing, resulting in additional fees.

Psychiatric Evaluations

In certain circumstances, the court may order psychological evaluations for one or both spouses or children involved in the divorce. Such assessments may be necessary to address mental health concerns that could impact child custody or other aspects of the divorce settlement.

Expert Witness Testimony

Depending on the particulars of your case, witness testimony from financial professionals (such as appraisers for valuing assets), business valuation specialists, or other experts may be necessary. Their involvement will add to the overall cost of your case.

Drug Testing

Court-ordered drug testing in specific situations (e.g., suspected substance abuse concerns impacting child custody) could further increase your divorce expenses.

What Affects the Cost of a Divorce in Oklahoma?

Several factors can impact the overall cost of a divorce in Oklahoma, including the following:

The Complexity of Property Division

The difficulty in dividing marital property can greatly influence the final cost of a divorce. Dividing simple assets like bank accounts and vehicles is less time-consuming than dealing with things like retirement accounts, investment portfolios, or business ownership.

Child Custody Disputes

Custody disputes can be a major source of contention. Resolving them may require more court involvement and input from experts and specialists, driving up the cost.

The Length of the Divorce Process

The longer your divorce takes to finalize, the more attorney fees and court costs you’ll accrue.

No-Fault Divorce vs. Fault-Based Divorce

A no-fault divorce is based on irreconcilable differences, meaning the marriage has broken down without hope of reconciliation. This eliminates the need to assign blame or prove fault-based grounds for divorce, which can be a source of contention and contribute to higher costs.

How to Reduce Divorce Costs

Divorce can be costly in more ways than one. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize the financial burden:

Pursue an Uncontested Divorce

If possible, work with your spouse toward an amicable agreement to keep your court costs, attorney fees, and other related expenses down.

Gather the Necessary Financial Documents

Having financial records like bank statements, tax returns, and pay stubs readily available allows your attorney to work more efficiently, which in turn minimizes their billable hours.

Communicate Openly and Honestly with Your Attorney

Remember, your attorney is your trusted ally and advocate. Clear communication regarding your goals and expectations will help them develop a cost-effective strategy for your case.

Consider Mediation

Mediation can be an economical way to resolve disputes outside of court. A neutral mediator can foster two-way communication and help you and your spouse reach agreements on various issues, potentially sparing you a lengthy and expensive court battle.

Explore Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

There are various forms of ADR, including collaborative divorce, which involves working with trained professionals to arrive at solutions outside the courtroom. Strategies like these can serve to lower your legal fees.

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How much is a simple divorce in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a simple (uncontested) divorce, where you and your spouse agree on everything, costs between $1,500 and $3,000. This figure includes attorney and court filing fees. Keep in mind, however, that the exact cost can vary depending on your specific situation and your lawyer's rates.

Is it possible to get divorced for free?

While Oklahoma doesn’t offer free divorces, there are resources to help. You can find divorce forms and legal information online for no charge, but for guidance through the process, consider consulting a qualified attorney.

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